After you leave your employer

You will lose your eligibility for membership in the Health Insurance Society after you leave your employer. Join the appropriate medical care insurance system based on your needs and circumstances.

Return your health insurance card when you leave your employer

Required documents:
  • Health insurance cards (for the insured person and all dependents)
  • Elderly benefits card (if issued)
  • Eligibility Certificate for Ceiling-Amount Application (if issued)

Within five days after the date of loss of eligibility (post on the following day of retirement, etc)

Applies to: Insured persons leaving employment and their dependents

How to apply for a Certificate of loss of eligibility

Name of the document:
  • Certificate of Loss of Eligibility
How to apply:
Who can apply?: Insured persons or dependents who have lost eligibility
Certifier: PwC Health Insurance Society
Notes: Please apply after you have lost the eligibility.
We will issue the certificate after the insurance card arrives at the health insurance society and the confirmation procedure is completed.

If you wish to remain a member of the Health Insurance Society

Required documents:
  • Direct Debit Authorization Form
Deadline: Within 20 days after the date of loss of eligibility of the insured person
Applies to: Insured persons who have been insured continuously for at least two months prior to leaving employment
Submission destination Send the application form
Notes: Please mail the Application Form for Certification as Voluntarily and Continuously Insured Person directly to the PwC Health Insurance Society.