Cafeteria Plan

Cafeteria Plan

The cafeteria plan is a system prepared by our health insurance society that enables everyone to freely select necessary services from various menu items.
Because our health insurance society’s “cafeteria plan” uses the Internet, it can be used 24 hours a day, even from a PC in your home.
Note that the menu details are limited to the categories of business stipulated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Cafeteria points

item contents
Applies to: Insured person (employee)
Points: 36,000 points per year (18,000 points provided in April / 18,000 points provided in October)
* 3,000 points per month for people hired in the middle of the fiscal year
Validity period: Two-year period after being provided
Example) In the case of provision on April 1st, 2018, the validity period ends on March 31st, 2020.

Cafeteria menu examples

  • Medical examinations
    • Medical examinations (comprehensive medical examinations, lifestyle-related disease medical examinations, and medical examinations for the young)
    • Medical examinations by mail
    • Self Dock Club (at-home blood test/healthcare system)
    • Self-sampling test kits
    • Sleep apnea syndrome checks, at-home screening tests
  • Specialized medical examinations
    • Specialized examinations via MRI/CT
    • PET-medical-examination reservation service
  • Dental health care
  • Medicine purchasing
  • Health foods/foods for specified health uses
  • Supplements
  • Health support foods
  • Organic foods
  • Natural mineral water/mineral water
  • Health-related supplies
  • Others
  • * The items indicated here are only examples.