Subsidized vaccinations

Vaccinations are an effective way of protecting against the onset of an infectious disease and also to prevent the aggravation of an existing infectious disease. The cost of influenza vaccinations is fully paid by the Health Insurance Society.

Influenza vaccinations

Influenza vaccine becomes effective approximately 2 weeks after the vaccination and the effect continues for approximately 5 months. You should receive the vaccination by the end of November, before the influenza season starts.

Eligible persons Methods Subsidized
Insured person
  • Vaccination at a contracted medical institution.
  • Each person visits the medical institution for a vaccination.
  • Vaccination at an outside medical institution.
5,000 yen
October to February 15
  • Vaccination at a contracted medical institution.
  • Each person visits a medical institution for a vaccination.

For more information, see ‘News from the Health Insurance Society.

Measles-rubella vaccine (MR vaccine)

You can use cafeteria points to pay for a measles-rubella vaccine (MR vaccine).

Eligible persons

Men and women insured by the Health Insurance Society

(Men born between 1962 and 1978 may obtain a subsidy from their municipality to receive this vaccination. Details can be found here.)

Available clinics


TEKKO-BLDG MARUNOUCHI CLINIC (formerly Sone Clinic Marunouchi)


Each user calls the medical care institution directly to make an appointment to receive the MR vaccine.
On your appointment date, you can present your insurance card to receive the vaccine without any payment required at the reception desk.

Payment of costs An amount equivalent to the actual cost will be deducted from your cafeteria points at a later date (around 9,000 points).
Other Up to two shots per person can be subsidized.