Health examinations

For early detection and early treatment, make sure you have annual health checkup

Lifestyle-related diseases such as cancer, stroke and diabetes often do not present with noticeable symptoms, and are often already advanced when detected. Annual health checkups will allow early detection of these diseases. PwC Health Insurance Society is actively supporting people to undergo health checkups so that they can have the opportunity to review their lifestyles by looking at the changes in their health data. If the rate of health checkups among insured persons and dependents aged 40 and over is low, the health insurance society will have to pay higher contributions to the government for medical care for the elderly. If contributions increase and health insurance finances deteriorate, the health insurance premium rate will have to be increased, which will lead to a decrease in salary and firm's profits.
Make sure to get a medical checkup.

Basic health checkup and optional examination

Application acceptance period: March 1st, 2023 to March 31st, 2024

Examination period: one time during the period from April 1st, 2023, to March 31st, 2024 (until the resignation date (the day before the disqualification date))

Test items for each health checkup

Basic health checkup

Type of examination Eligible persons
(in a given fiscal year)
Personal payment
Comprehensive medical examination
(including same-day examinations and specified health diagnoses)
Insured person and dependent(s) aged 40 and older No personal payment if within the maximum amount
Health checkup for lifestyle-related diseases

Insured person and dependent(s) aged between 30 and 39

No personal payment
Health checkup for young adults Insured persons aged under 29 and dependent(s) aged between 20 and 29 No personal payment
  • *Those aged under 40 can use cafeteria points and undergo "comprehensive medical examination" instead, if they wish. (The points required for upgrading vary depending on the medical institution.)
  • * The age reference date is March 31st, 2024.

Optional examination

Type of examination Eligible persons Personal payment
Colonoscopy Insured persons over 40 years old and dependents over 40 years old. No personal payment only at contracted medical institutions (limited to FY2023, next scheduled for FY2026)
Cervical cancer screening All insured persons and dependent(s) aged 20 and older. No personal payment
HPV Self-Check (by mail)
Apply from the dedicated website.
Female (All insured persons and dependent(s) aged 20 or older) No personal payment
Breast cancer screening
(It is possible to undergo both a breast ultrasonography and mammography.)
All insured persons and dependent(s) aged 20 and older. No personal payment
PSA test Male (Insured persons and dependent(s) aged 50 or older) No personal payment
Stomach X-ray / Gastroscopy Those who have undergone the health checkup for
lifestyle-related diseases
  • No self-burden is required for X-ray.
  • In the case of gastroscopy, any additional cost beyond the cost of an X-ray must be paid by the examinee.


(Risk screening for cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction)

Insured persons and dependents who are subject to our medical examination  
  • * Click here to see a list of available medical institutions.
Fees vary by medical institution
Examinations generally done at certain ages (brain medical examinations) Insured persons who are 35 to 39 years old or 40 to 44 years old
  • * Insured persons can have this examination done once for each of the above age groups. Click here to see a list of available medical institutions.
15,000 points
  • * Optional examinations (including CT, MRI, MRA, bone density, tumor marker tests and others not listed above) can be taken using cafeteria points only upon prior application.
  • * The examinee must pay the entire amount if an optional test is added on the test date.

Medical institutions

For the list of medical institutions under contract, see the “Medical-Examination Reservation System”.

Criteria for Health Screening Institutions with Transgender Support (Revised in November 2022)

In principle, health checkups should be taken at the contracted medical institutions.
PwC Health Insurance Society and the medical institutions have agreements on the content of the various health checkups to protect the employees against diseases. Please select a contracted medical institution to undergo the health checkup.
The only exception is when it is difficult for dependent(s) living in provincial cities to visit the contracted medical institutions. In such a case, please contact the PwC Health Insurance Society. The table on the down shows the maximum amount that the Society will cover.

Age of examinee* Maximum coverage
Over 40 years old Up to 49,500 yen
30-39 years old Up to 27,500 yen
Under 29 years old Up to 11,000 yen

* The age reference date is March 31st, 2024.

Submission of the examination results to your employer

Regarding the results of the legally designated test items, all insured persons will be asked to accept/consent to submission of the health checkup results to the employer.

How to apply for a health checkup

  1. STEP1Decide the medical institutions
    Check the contracted medical institutions.Select the medical institution you wish to visit.
    Click on the "Physical Examination Reservation System" and select the medical institution you wish to visit from the list of contracted medical institutions.
  2. STEP2Make an appointment

    Reservation by telephone

    1.Call the medical institution and make an appointment.
    2.Click on the "Physical Examination Reservation System".
    3.Click on Apply.Enter the details of the appointment as discussed on the telephone.

    On-line reservation (Any time of the day!)

    1.Click on the "Physical Examination Reservation System".
    2.Click on Reserve.Reservation + entry of application information.
  3. STEP3Receiving a "Visit Approval Slip"
    After your exam appointment data has been recorded, you will be sent a fax or e-mail from Value HR Inc. (external contractor).
    (E-mail address of the sender:
  4. STEP4Information including the test kit is sent by the medical institution.
  5. STEP5Visit the medical institution
    On the day of the visit, remember to take the following items with you.
    Health insurance card
    Specimen containers/health questionnaire etc. that had been sent from the medical institution
  6. STEP6The results are delivered by the medical institution.
    *Be sure to respond to any instructions given on the result sheet.
    *Secondary tests (retests) are covered by insurance.
      Please pay the co-payment (30%) at the counter of the medical institution.
    *The Society may offer special programs depending on the results.

To modify/cancel the application (reservation)

The person who made the reservation must contact the medical institution directly by telephone and then inform the results to the agency in charge of managing the physical examination procedures by telephone or by e-mail.

In some cases, modification/cancellation of a reservation may require a further process on the "Physical Examination Reservation System." Please check with the agency in charge of managing the physical examination procedures.

Modification of the Date/
Time, Physical Examination
Course, or the Content
It is not necessary for the applicant to re-enter the information on the system. The agency in charge of managing the physical examination procedures will do it instead.
Changing the medical institution or cancellation The agency in charge of managing the physical examination procedures will make the necessary cancellation. Please follow the guidance and make a new reservation from Step 1.

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